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5 divine delicacies for Winter season that you must have

We Indians love to indulge in feasts all the time and there is no denying the same. However, the level of cravings increase during the winter season, isn’t it? The reason here is simple – our bodies witness a temperature change during this time. Apart from that, our energy levels are also affected during this time. That is the reason why experts recommend having certain Indian food for winter season. In this article, we will talk about five different kinds of food that are a must-have during the nippy weather. Each of these items carry multiple health benefits for all individuals. So, what exactly are these 5 divine delicacies for the winter season that are a must-have for you? Let us dig further in the lines below.


Are you aware of the oldest detox food? Of course, it is sugarcane! It helps in the rejuvenation of the liver. Moreover, you should consume it for sure if you want your skin to glow during the winter season. Chew it or extract the juice – sugarcane’s benefits never grow old. You can further use it to make sugar, jaggery, and other condiments.

Ber – One of The Best Divine Delicacies

Ber is an amazing fruit that is responsible for strengthening your immune system. It is the best dose for kids who fall sick frequently. It further helps improve the diversity in diets.

Tamarind or Chicha

Tamarind is known to be one of the best digestives. You can also make a smashing drink by combining its seeds with buttermilk. Tamarind is not only tasty but also the best superfood for you during winters. It is one of the best food items to help you during the digestion process.


Most people consider it as one of the best foods to have during the winter season. People also love to call it the king of winters! Amla helps fight infections. You can consume it in many forms. You can find it in varieties – murabba, sherbet, or chawanprash. The best part here is that it has got several health benefits. This wonder food is also very rich in Vitamin C.

Tilgul – Sweet Divine Delicacies

One of the all-time favourites of the Indian kitchen is, of course, sesame. You can use sesame or til to make a wide variety of sweets during the nippy winter season. The best ones to make among them is the tilgul. Not only that but sesame is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins. You will find numerous essential fats in this superfood. It is also great for those who want stronger joints and bones.

Trivia on Divine Delicacies During The Winter Season

It is a challenge for many to manage the body’s nutritional needs all the time. The same applies in the case of the winter season. So, it is necessary to consume nutritious and healthy food items that keep you warm during this time. Apart from that, try choosing food that prevents common illnesses and helps boost the body’s immunity. However, there is another thing that should never skip your mind. Just like food, two other elements also help keep you healthy – exercising regularly and keeping yourself fit. Try including a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. One of the best superfoods to have during winters is soups. You can also consume beans, lentils, meat, and vegetables of various sorts to make the soups healthier.

Apart from that, a sufficient amount of fluids and Vitamin D intake are also necessary to maintain your health during winters. We should never miss out on these significant things during the winter season.



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