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A healthy diet leads to a healthy life | Knowledgevox

Healthy foods are those that provide you with the nutrients you need to sustain your body’s well-being and not only just to feel the stomach

The answer is tasty healthy food, good food is heaven on earth, we all can agree to the fact that there’s nothing more tempting than having mouth-watering foods, food has the power to make every man and for a matter of fact every woman to go weak on knees. The variety and taste that food gives is a guilty pleasure for everyone. Healthy Diet food has healing powers, the mere imagination makes
our mouth watery.

If we are having a sad day, we Eat!, Celebration we Eat, any occasion or any festival the first thing that strikes our mind is what is on the menu.

India is the land of culture and festivals, that’s why our country is called Incredible India. Our richness is our glory and one factor that boosts our culture to another is level is the different variety of food our country has to offer, every corner adds a different dish to our plate. But do we even realize that slowly our guilty pleasure is becoming an addiction? Eating a variety of different food is not a problem but how we consume our food makes all the difference. If you can balance your plate well, you can balance your life well.

One of the most common problems that maximum of people are going through is obesity and obesity sort of contributes to other problems like diabetes, hypothyroidism, weak immune system, heart, and cancer diseases, Iron deficiency, Vitamin deficiency, and so on.

“Happiness is the highest form of health”, says Dalai Lama. We all know that “ health is wealth ” but are we doing enough to protect our health? We are living in the era of a global pandemic, the pandemic gave us an insight into what really matters, and we all know nothing but good health can only save us. Here arises the question, how can one maintain a healthy life? The answer is pretty simple focusing on the quality of food and not on the quantity. One common thing that pandemic and lockdown did to everyone mostly is weight again, though a lot of people made a difference by working on themselves and on the food.

Everyone wants to know how to lose weight, is intermittent fasting effective? How to burn weight fast, how should we plan our weight loss diet? This is no rocket science but not even a cakewalk, consistency is the key, along with maintaining a healthy diet one should make sure to at least workout for an hour every day. You can choose any exercise of your choice, make sure you enjoy your exercising time and it shouldn’t feel like a task. There are advanced programs available to lose weight effectively, You can visit the link below to
understand how it works.

Healthy Diet for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle:

A healthy diet leads to a healthy life | Knowledgevox
Lose weight with this daily practice – Knowledgevox

● Make some movement, walk, run, dance, do yoga, go to the gym but make sure that to feel alive, exercise not only externally but also works internally.

● Consume at least 2-3 litres of water every day, make sure that right after getting up from the bed you drink a bottle of water.

● As the saying goes, Eat your breakfast like a king, Never ever skip breakfast your breakfast and make sure you eat your breakfast by 9 am. Make sure to add protein and carbs to your breakfast, this keeps you full and also reduces your craving.

● Avoid sugar, If you can avoid sugar you are already halfway there.

● Add coffee to your meal as it increases your metabolism.

● Include fibre in your meals, Fiber promotes weight loss, Few rich fibre foods – Beans, Broccoli, Berries, Avocados, popcorn, whole grain, Apples, dried fruits, potatoes, and Nuts.

● Eat your meal by 9 PM and drink some night drink before going to bed. Like cinnamon tea, green tea, Soaked fenugreek water, Chamomile tea, aloe vera juice, these night drinks will promote weight loss and also refrain from constipation.

● Quality sleep is the most important thing, make sure you sleep at least a minimum of 6 hours. Quality sleep promotes both weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.



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