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BTS – The Band That Changed the Face of Hallyu

Smooth like butter – Yes, that was the song which broke multiple records last year. But no, we have known BTS band longer than this. I am talking about the Bangtan Boys here who have created a sensation around the world with their music. The Korean wave has reached its height because of the efforts of the Septet and other popular K-Pop bands like TWICE, SEVENTEEN, Monsta X, and more!

At a time when competition in international music has crossed all limits, maintaining a hierarchy to be on the top is difficult. However, BTS seems to be an expert in the same!

Who is BTS Band ?

BTS is popularly known as Bangtan Boys or the Septet. This seven-member Korean group made its debut way back in 2013 under the agency named BigHit Entertainment. Well, their relationship continues even now, and the agency is, undoubtedly, as famous as the boys themselves! Did you know that the boy band’s Korean name is Bangtan Sonyeondan? If we are to say this in English, it will be Bulletproof Boy Scouts.

Who gave BTS Band its name?

CEO Bang Si-Hyuk had the dream of creating a group that will become a voice for the younger generation and withstands social pressures. And thus, BTS was formed in this process. The first single of BTS was titled No More Dream. It was like a wake-up call for the Korean youth to revise their societal academic expectations again and have a dream of their own. The aggressive hip-hop track won hearts within no time!

Now, introducing the seven members of BTS – RM (the leader), Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook. So, we’re done with the introductions here. Going forward, we will now be discussing how this K-Pop boy band transformed the image of South Korean music in the entire world and led the Korean wave or Hallyu to reach further heights internationally.

BTS Band – from K-Pop to Global Artists

If you are thinking that Butter made the boy band famous, then you are absolutely wrong. Of course, yes, the English single had its own achievements post its release in 2021. However, BTS rose to fame much before we heard the songs Butter or Permission to Dance. Talking about Butter, the song racked up a total number of 60 million views on YouTube within 12 hours of its online release.

Way back in 2020, the Bangtan Boys made headlines with a hit single, Dynamite. For the unversed, it became the first K-Pop song to debut at number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

BTS Band and the US Music Industry

The US music industry is huge and there is tough competition among all artists to maintain their positions in the same. BTS has accomplished this game too by getting on to the US chart-toppers most of the time to date. It is surprising to see how the South Korean boy band took only a few years to conquer the American music scene. Yes, their list of records starts from 2018 and since then, there is no one stopping BTS from trending on the US charts one way or the other.

From becoming the first K-pop band in history to debut its album at number 1 on the US billboard chart to collaborating with major international artists like Halsey, the Chainsmokers, Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, etc. – the Septet has achieved a lot! Moreover, who can forget their performances on Saturday Night Live and Good Morning America! Apart from that, their concerts were held in multiple places in the US. It’s time for the army in America to rejoice as the gang will be back there for a few more concerts.

About K-Pop

Did you know exactly when did K-pop begin? Well, we have an exact date for the same which is April 11, 1992. A hip-hop trio named Seo Taiji and Boys performed in a talent show organized on a national South Korean network. We can call these boys the innovators who challenged all the present norms around song topics, musical styles, censorship, fashion, and more.

Then again in the 90s, a few powerhouse music studios began cultivating what later came to be known as idol groups. These groups were assembled after years of grooming and of course, auditions. They were refined and polished within an intense studio culture. These groups were customized to display the highest standards of dance, musicality, and beauty.

What makes BTS Band different?

Earlier in an interview with Time in 2017, BTS leader RM said, “We came together with a common dream to write, dance and produce music that reflects our musical backgrounds as well as our life values of acceptance, vulnerability and being successful.’ The group adopts six major ways to break the established precedent for K-pop boys.

  1. They write their own lyrics and songs.
  2. They include socially conscious lyrics.
  3. They create and manage their own presence on social media.
  4. None of them are assigned to slave contracts nor does any of them have any gruelling restrictions.
  5. They market whole albums instead of individual songs.
  6. They openly talk about the struggles in their career and do not focus on presenting a polished image all the time.

Latest news

The Bangtan Boys recently wowed everyone with their stunning performance at the Grammys 2022. Be it V flirting with Olivia Rodrigo or the boys wearing matching black suits, the show was all there’s and they nailed it! However, they also faced a lot of issues earlier this year as some of the members had health problems. Firstly, it was J-Hope who had contracted COVID-19 and was under home quarantine for treatment. However, Hobi came out hale and hearty a few days ago. Then again, Jungkook tested positive for COVID-19 just as the group landed in the US for their Grammys performance. However, just like Hobi, the golden maknae also recovered soon. Very soon, the group will be performing in their Permission to Dance: On Stage concert in various parts of the US. So, army – get ready with your purple hearts! Let us know more about the above events related to BTS below.

V’s viral episode with Olivia Rodrigo

The BTS members stunned everyone with their awesome performance at the recently held Grammys. However, the one who caught the most attention among them is none other than Kim Taehyung himself! As a part of their Butter performance, V was supposed to walk to the stage from the audience section. How he started out was what stunned everyone. It so happened that the singer went near Olivia Rodrigo and whispered something into her ears that left the latter shocked. This flirtatious moment between the duo was caught by thousands of cameras. However, nobody knew at that point what he whispered in her ears. Once the short conversation was over, he threw a card toward the stage in a style that shocked the audience.

What V revealed later

It was days later that a fan asked V about whatever conversation he had with Olivia Rodrigo. Tae Bear in his usual humorous tone stated that they were just talking business! This befitting reply on his part once again won the hearts of the army!

Trevor Noah on BTS

The Bangtan Boys impressed everyone with their stints at the Grammys. Numerous celebs spoke high of the septet once the event was over. One of them was Trevor Noah who was the presenter of this year’s Grammys show. The talk show host impressed everyone with his punch lines and witty remarks. He was also seen sitting with the BTS members during the awards function. Not only that but he also showcased his Korean speaking skills that left the septet in splits.

As published in India Today, Trevor Noah spoke about his impression of the Bangtan Boys during one of his talk shows. Here is what he said, “One thing I love about BTS is they are the nicest group of people you’ll ever meet. They are just nice in every interaction with people & what they do.”



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