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Delight nuts to Soulfull Muesli – The best fruits brands in India

Human beings always need to consume the best quality and nutritious foods in India. However, we are unable to consume sufficient amounts of such meals. That leads to a lack of several nutrients in our bodies. Fortunately, dry fruits and other similar mixes have come to our rescue. Mixtures like muesli, mix nuts, mixed dry fruits, etc. are some of the best choices. They are the perfect way to satisfy our hunger pangs. But how do you recognize the best fruits brands? With so much competition in the market, it is difficult to figure out the best ones. From Delight Nuts to Soulfull Muesli, here are the best fruits brands in India:

Delight Nuts

If you are looking for a zero-junk snack for you and your family, then delight nuts are the best choices for you. Right from pistachios, mixed nuts, dried apricots to berries mix, you will get a lot of options here. Set up in 2014, Rajguru Foods has proved its worth as a good quality brand. Their main aim is to provide snacks that add vitamins and minerals to the lives of the customers. Delight Nuts brand is known for its unique and exciting product range. It provides healthy food snacks across India.

Soulfull Muesli

Looking for the best quality muesli in India? Soulfull is the perfect marketplace for you. Tata Soulfull is the hub of some delicious millets. Their millet snacks are not only healthy but also tasty. They are naturally gluten-free and make for the perfect snacks. Moreover, they are nutritionally denser than rice and wheat. So, the company decided to turn them into snacks. Their most loved and sold product is muesli which comes in varied flavours.


This brand produces a wide range of dry fruits from 150g to 1kg packs. Its main aim is to cater to a health-savvy generation. So, they are most interested in harmless snacking options. It ensures that only 100% nutritious and premium quality dry fruits reach the doorstep of the customers. The brand also sources organic seeds, nuts, trail mixes, dry roasted snacks, etc.


One of the best dry fruits brands in India is Rostaa. Its range of dry fruits starts from figs, apricots, prunes, Turkish apricots, etc. Its other product ranges include berries, nuts, mixes, quinoa, dates, and butter. Its dry fruits are hand-picked and cultivated without the use of any toxic chemicals and pesticides.


This brand is one of the market leaders when it comes to providing premium quality dry fruits. Some of its best-selling products are cashews, pista, walnuts, roasted almonds, raisins, etc. Nutraj is also responsible for furnishing dried fruits like figs, prunes, dried amla, etc. The best part about their products is that they are packed in easy-to-carry bags.

Delight Nuts to Soulfull Muesli – a brief trivia

Dry fruits should be an integral part of everyone’s lives. It doesn’t matter which brand you choose among the above-mentioned ones. But the main thing that matters is that you should always keep yourself healthy and nutritious. You should never take dried fruits for granted.

Nowadays, I make sure to visit the dry fruits shops near me daily. Staying healthy is extremely important and we need to understand this fact as soon as possible. So, whenever you get time, just visit the dry fruit stores.



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