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The growth of eHealth market in India

Many of us might not be aware of the term eHealth. It is basically an effort brought in the field of healthcare by bringing in benefits through its convergence with the internet. This particular technology is on the rise of late and happens to be an intersection of business, public health, and medical informatics. When we are talking about India, this technology is not only related to development but is also connected with the changing of mindsets across the country.

About eHealth

EHealth technology aims at spreading awareness of the importance of health, establishing better communication between patients and doctors, making healthcare affordable and numerous other services specifically related to healthcare. This helps in facilitating the process of medical aids and available treatments during an emergency. Not only that, but this also helps in securing transactions while making payments. This setup helps in saving the waiting time and visiting time of patients which further helps in the time management on the part of doctors.

Reasons behind the growth

There are various reasons behind the growth of eHealth market market in India. Given below are some of the common reasons behind the same.

•            Rise of online businesses and connectivity

•            Emergence of Information Technology (IT)

•            Poor Doctor-Patient ratio

•            Poor medical treatment

•            Lack of hygiene and care


However, there are several hindrances that have also come up in the midst of the development of eHealth technology in India.

•            Lack of internet connectivity in remote places

•            Slow adoption pace

•            High cost of technological adoption

•            Lack of medical awareness

•            Lack of willingness to accept the technological functioning

There are three kinds of interactions that benefit a lot from eHealth technology.

•            Business-to-Business or B2B

•            Business-to-Consumer or B2C

•            Consumer-Consumer or C2C

The bottom line

So, almost everyone can benefit from this market including doctors, patients, pharmacies, and other services like medicines, referrals, pharmaceuticals, advanced diagnostics, telemedical consultation, etc. There are tremendous opportunities shown by the market in terms of healthcare and IT, M-Health, public health domain, and paperless functioning and diagnosis. According to an analysis by RedSeer Consulting, eHealth in India can grow from $1 billion to more than $16 billion by 2025. This will be made possible by the substantial growth on the part of the healthcare sector with the help of public awareness and government policies.



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