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Panchayat 2: Things that went wrong with the comedy-drama this time

Fans were more than excited when they got to know that the much-awaited series Panchayat 2 was released two days ahead of the official date. There is no denying that the fans and critics have welcomed the series wholeheartedly and the reactions on social media are proof! But did it live up to the expectations of the first season? We will get to know eventually!

About Panchayat 2

The audience fell in love with the stellar acting performances by Jitender Kumar and the rest of the cast in the first season of Panchayat which was filled with puns and humour. It is what made the audience fall in love with the show set against the backdrop of Phulera, a small village in the Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh.

Now, after a lot of speculations, the makers are back with Panchayat 2 with more real-life dramatic scenes and comic punches to tickle your bones. The best part here is that the makers surprised the audience by releasing the show two days ahead of its official release. But did it deliver the same amount of entertainment as season one? We feel the second season failed in some aspects which we will be discussing below.

5 things that went wrong in Panchayat 2

We feel the second season failed in some aspects which we will be discussing below.

The missing love story

Remember how the first season of Panchayat ended with Sachiv Ji meeting the Pradhan’s daughter Rinky? It is what also made us feel like he is taking interest in his gloomy life yet again. The viewers expected a possible love story coming up in the second season.

Unfortunately, the viewers do not get to see what they expected in the second season. While one can feel some slow affection building up between the duo, they get confused again when Sachiv Ji’s job is at stake and Rinki’s marriage goes for a toss.

Zero frustration for Sachiv Ji in Panchayat 2

Sachiv Ji’s character is a lot calmer and more composed in the second season and he is also seen solving other people’s issues. However, the viewers miss his older form who used to be frustrated even with the thought of drawing water from a handpump. We surely remember the time he abused the groom because he was too demanding!

It was his helplessness that drew sympathy from the audience and support from Pradhan Ji, Prahlad Ji, and Vikas.

New characters

Although Sanvikaa (Rinki) did not get much screentime in the first season, the viewers were expecting to see more of her in the second season of Panchayat. Even though she gets screentime, her character hardly brings anything new to the series.

Another new character that we get to see in the second season is Sachiv Ji’s friend Siddharth (played by Satish Ray). He appears in the seventh episode but fails to make an impression.

A lot of abuse in Panchayat 2!

Panchayat is a series that the viewers will prefer to watch with their family members. However, the use of foul language reaches a whole new level in season 2. The audience was more than shocked when a local and arrogant politician chides Sachiv Ji with the worst language possible.

The writing? It’s strange

It seems like the writers of Panchayat 2 wanted to make it more emotional by exploring all the characters. We can say that the story till the fifth episode of the second season is humorous. During this time, the four main characters go around solving the issues of the village.

However, the show takes a different turn from the sixth episode. In short, the story gets serious and later ends on a highly emotional note. It is something that the viewers did not see in the first season. While they ended the first season with a smile on their faces, they could not do the same in the second season.



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