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PSY and Suga’s That That has THESE similarities with Daechwita!

It is only recently that Gangnam Style fame PSY collaborated with BTS member Suga for a new single that has already created a sensation all over the internet. Yes, the singing duo has released their much-awaited song ‘That That’ and fans just can’t get enough of it! Be it the colourful background in the MV or the musical in itself, the song has delighted Suga and PSY’s fans alike. What has made the army more excited is that Min Yoongi is the executive producer of the song. He has also featured as an artist on the single and the music video.

That That and Daechwita

Suga’s verse on That That was quite iconic but now, the fans could not help but notice some striking similarities between the track and Daechwita. For the unversed, Daechwita is a foot-tapping number by our very own Agust D that has created multiple records ever since its release. Now, the latest that we know is that a few curious fans have found some similarities between the videos of That That and Daechwita. The most common part here is that both these videos are directed by Lumpens.

Similarities between That That and Daechwita

Now that fans have witnessed multiple similarities between That That and Daechwita, we have curated them for you to know!

Pushing his hair back

Did you notice Agust D pushing his hair back in Daechwita? Well, you can relive that moment again in the That That video. The way in which the singer and rapper is pushing his hair back shows his swag like no other!

His fiery rapping skills

No one can beat Suga when it comes to his fiery rapping skills. Yes, that is what we saw in Daechwita. He did the same again and infused his amazing rap alongside PSY’s lyrics in That That song.

The amazing cars

Daechwita’s MV would have been incomplete without the cars driving around. The same goes for That That in which Suga and PSY are seen dancing around cars with a couple of other people.

Reappearance of older selves

Remember Suga interacting with his older self in Daechwita? Well, you will get to see it again in That That. If you haven’t watched the video yet, we have a small spoiler alert for you. Suga is seen striking off PSY’s older self from Gangnam Style in the video of That That. Similarly, he did away with his own older self in Daechwita’s video.

More on That That

The music lovers and fans got to see completely new versions of Suga and PSY in That That. Who would have known that Agust D aka Min Yoongi would look so amazing in a blonde hairstyle! Moreover, we just can’t get over PSY’s antics as he dresses like a pro in colorful outfits for his performance in the music video. What fans are now trying to analyze is that both PSY and Suga are trying to get rid of their older selves in the much-loved music video.

Check out the video below.



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