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Push-Ups: 3 Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Them

Workout is extremely necessary for every human in today’s world. For those of you who have this regular habit, you might be aware of the basic workout routine that is done daily. It also includes some common exercises that become a vital part of the routine. One such vital element that most of us never want to lose in the gym is push-ups.

This workout is extremely beneficial for your fitness goals. Once you excel in push-ups, there is no looking back for you in this field. However, it is crucial for you to hold your positions right when doing this exercise. So, the next time you think that ‘I can’t do push-ups,’ remember that it is one of the most important workout routines for all individuals.

Once again, you need to be careful when following this routine and avoid doing some common mistakes. So, how to do a perfect push-up? What are the mistakes that you should avoid during this time? Try fixing them right now and experience great results in no time!

Mistake 1: Doing Push-Up Too Fast

You must have seen people doing 100 push-ups under 5 minutes or something of a similar sort on YouTube videos. However, normal individuals should not try this the first time. This especially applies to push-ups for beginners. Although you can perform such push-ups as a part of challenges or competition, never try to do them during your regular workout routine. That is because it leads to an increase in the force that is exerted on the elbow joints. It will make the routine more painful, and you will unlikely be in a position to perform it the next day. So, the ideal time to do push-ups is always subjective based on time. It may typically range from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.

Mistake 2: The Push-Up Sin- Doing the T-Shape

One of the most common mistakes that people do during push-ups is regarding hand placement. Most beginners tend to place their palms wide and forward. It mostly resembles the dog pose in yoga. They do the same thinking that it involves the engagement of chest muscles that enables a wider chest.

However, this goal is unsatisfactory because of too much exertion of pressure on the shoulders. Not only will it make you hunch but you will also be unable to perform perfect push-ups. Moreover, your body becomes like a T-shape when the palms are placed wide. Performing push-ups of that sort makes the elbows flare which is not the right position or way.

You must ensure that each of your palms is under the shoulders, and they should be slightly wider than the chest. You will get sturdy support from this position and equal pressure will be exerted on your chest and core leading to the engagement of the right muscles.

Mistake 3: Lower Back

You should never lift your hips towards the ceiling or sag the lower body.  These positions are dangerous for the body to perform a push-up. Not only is it a poor position but it may also result in a hip injury at the time. The human body looks like an upside-down V if the hips are lifted. That means you are not engaging your core muscles during the workout routine. So, you are cheating yourself in this process if you are doing a push-up in the wrong shape. It is because you are not using your glutes during this time.

The perfect way to do a push-up is to keep the whole body straight to the ground. You must also keep your palms at shoulder width. Make sure not to hunch them during the entire routine. Moreover, you must also see to it that the spinal cord is straight during this time and the lower body remains straight to the ground. You can try squeezing your glute muscles to lower the butt and to get a proper effect.

What To Do During Push-Ups?

If you want to perform a push-up in the correct way, hold yourself up in the plank position before starting with the process. You can always take help from your fitness trainer or an online expert if you find it difficult to perform this position. You will be on the right track once you start mastering the art of this amazing workout.

Target Muscles During Push-Ups

The following muscles are targeted during a standard push-up.

  • Pectorals or chest muscles
  • Deltoids or shoulders
  • Triceps or the back of your arms
  • Abdominals
  • Wing muscles under the armpit

Benefits of Push-Ups

Push-ups can have massive benefits for the human body. The most important ones are mentioned in the points below.

  • Increase in Functional Strength

Doing push-ups means a full body activation within minutes. As the body is lowered on the floor, the burn begins to encompass your muscles. It makes you think about the number of muscles used during the same. It is one of the major benefits of push-ups.

  • Stretching of Muscles

It is one of the most underrated benefits related to push-ups. It provides amazing stretch to your back muscles and biceps. As the body is lowered on the floor, the back muscles are stretched and so are the biceps.

  • Enhancing the Cardiovascular System

Push-ups are classified among compound exercises meant for the human body. As a result, they call upon multiple muscle groups in your system. Engagement of large muscular groups leads to effective cardiovascular exercises.

  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Promotion

You get to recruit a wide array of stabilizing and primary muscles while doing push-ups. The more muscle mass is utilized, the greater is the production of specialized hormones also known as HGH.

  • Protection from Injury

Did you know that push-ups can protect your shoulders from potential injuries? One of the most common injuries related to the same is concerning the rotator cuff. You can effectively safeguard your shoulder joints through push-ups.

  • Improvement of Posture

Improper posture always leads to the destruction of health and comfort as individuals age with time. Weak core muscles are one of the major reasons behind the same. If you do push-ups regularly, your core will be strong enough to hold your back and shoulders.

  • Prevention of Lower Back Injuries

The back is an essential part of your body that supports every movement. Push-ups target the entire torso as a result of which its movements are stabilized. You get to strengthen this vulnerable part of your body by doing this workout routine.

  • Timesaving

Even if you give just five minutes to performing push-ups, you can have a full-body workout. You can delve into various positions related to this workout routine and save your time like no other!

  • Zero Cost

Not ready to visit the gym yet? You can start your workout routine at home and the most essential part of the same will be push-ups. So, another major benefit they have is zero cost and zero holes in your pocket!

  • Increased Testosterone

The most prominent loss is reduced testosterone in men with the coming of age. Several studies suggest that doing push-ups promotes testosterone production. It is essential for a healthy body in all individuals. Moreover, weight-bearing exercises like push-ups also lead to dense bones.



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