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Walking: What you need to know about this low intensity workout

If you go around and ask anyone about walking regularly, everyone will say it is a good thing to do. This low-impact workout is not only easy to do but also requires no extra equipment. The best part about walking is that it is cost-effective and yields the same result as any other intense workout when done consistently. Did you know that walking for half an hour can help burn 100 to 300 calories? Moreover, experts associate various other benefits with regular walking for the well-being of individuals.

Benefits of walking

Walking helps prevent various health complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. It also helps improve cardiovascular fitness. It further helps reduce stress, strengthen bones, improves muscle endurance, and regulates the immune system. However, despite having such positive impacts on the body, walking does not give the desired results to many individuals. The reason behind this is some common mistakes that they do while walking.

Factors that hamper the walking pace

Listening to music while walking, taking a walk with a group, browsing through the phone, speaking to someone over the phone, or walking at a slow pace are some of the reasons why we do not get fruitful results even after doing this regular workout.

Apart from that, not wearing proper outfits can also hamper the walking pace of an individual. If you wear too tight or too loose clothes, they may hamper the way in which you walk. Moreover, the types of shoes you wear may also impact your walking pace or style at times. Not wearing the perfect shoes may not only affect your walking but also leave a negative impact on the bones and muscles of the legs.

Counting the number of steps

If you are someone who is just counting the number of steps when walking, then you are absolutely doing it wrong. Walking does not always mean simply counting the steps. The health benefits of walking are depending on the number of calories you burn and your pace. A pace of walk refers to the number of kilometers one covers in a specific period. For instance, a walking pace of 8 minutes per kilometer will help burn more calories than that of 10-15 minutes per kilometer.

Common mistakes to avoid when walking

As mentioned earlier, most individuals do not get the desired results from walking as they commit some common mistakes. We will be discussing these mistakes below and the ways to overcome them.

  • Walking with your head down is one of the worst things that you can do. Try to keep your head straight and maintain a correct posture with your back, neck, and shoulders to help you breathe properly.
  • Do not engage in extra activities like listening to music, talking on the phone, or gossiping with others while walking.
  • Try to keep your arms in action whenever you are walking. Do not let them go wild or be stiff. Just swing them according to the pace of your body.
  • Try taking shorter and quicker steps to avoid overstriding.
  • Do not keep the same route for yourself every day. Try changing it every alternate day.
  • Do not forget to stretch your muscles a bit after having completed your walk.


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