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Young Entrepreneurs and the concept of Go Green


The concept of Go Green means pursuing knowledge as well as practices that can lead to environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible lifestyles and decisions. These can help in protecting the environment and sustaining its natural resources for the current as well as future generations. Going green has plenty of advantages. It helps the planet, and individuals can save their money. They also become healthier and feel better in the environment in which they are living.

Go Green

Go Green has a deep influence on startups and entrepreneurship too. As there are multiple business ideas related to innovation, the entrepreneurs in today’s world have also started to adopt the Go Green revolution.

Reasons behind Going Green

In the past few decades, it has been seen that the general consumer is getting attracted to eco-friendly products which are also called green products in today’s world. The reason behind this particular change is the increasing amount of pollution and certain other environmental issues such as the greenhouse effect, global warming, etc.  Therefore, not only the consumers but the Government and business organizations all around the world have started taking this issue seriously. The Governments of various countries have started imposing strict rules and regulations related to the concept of Go Green.

There has also been an increase in consumer awareness of the changes occurring in the environment. This has affected their consumption and the pattern of buying the products and services. On the other hand, the entrepreneurs and businessmen are also finding significant results in adopting green practices in the operation of their businesses. Moreover, the coming up of various practices such as green supply chain management, green marketing, waste management, reverse logistics, etc. not only fulfill the needs and requirements of the consumers but also ensure a green and sustainable environment.

Green marketing – A new concept

The concept of green marketing has been gaining a lot of popularity around the world as nowadays, the problems like global warming, greenhouse effect, etc. have been increasing day by day. Green marketing helps to fulfill the demands of the consumers by supplying products to them which are nowadays called green products which do not compromise the safety of the environment. The very concept of green marketing arose as a result of the increasing demands of the consumers for environmentally sustainable products and services. Thus, the concept of green marketing fulfills the needs of the consumers and participates in a long-run sustainable development.

Moreover, the entrepreneurs in today’s world have also been getting a lot of opportunities because of the tremendous growth and development of the green market. Many new products have been designed and innovations have been done in order to cope with the increasing demands for green products.

Green entrepreneurship and its benefits

Green entrepreneurship helps in the innovation and substitution of the various traditional products into green products. The creation of the green market serves as an opportunity for the green entrepreneurs which is an emerging market. Thus, these entrepreneurs help in building up a kind of business that does not compromise the safety of the environment. The concept of green entrepreneurship not only helps the consumers to get green products and services but also makes the individuals learn about the benefits of a green ecosystem.

However, the green entrepreneurs in today’s world face a lot of problems such as lack of substitution of traditional products, redesigning, raw material, cost of designing, etc. However, these problems can be solved in the long run. Thus, it can be said that green entrepreneurship can help not only in the accumulation of benefits but also helps in contribute to a green and safe environment.



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